Sunday, January 11, 2015

Here's how Kentuky cheats in NCAA Basketball

John Calipari has always been know for "bending the rules,"or cheating as many would call it. As I was watching the Kentucky vs. Texas A&M game this weekend I noticed some things that weren't quite right. Texas A&M was up 2 with 30 seconds left in overtime and Texas A&M was called for a shooting foul when they weren't even around the player shooting, this lead Kentucky to tie the game and force a second overtime. During the second overtime there were a few more calls that were this way. Then the play that really ticked me off: with about 40 seconds left in the second overtime Texas A&M shot the ball and a Kentucky player obviously hit both the Texas A&M player's arms and head,and I thought, "that has to be a shooting foul, possibly even a flagrant." Nope! Even if it wasn't a foul the ball went off of Kentucky's hands and out of bounds. But, the refs then game the ball the ball to Kentucky saying it was out on Texas A&M! This lead Kentucky to win easily. Everyone knows this isn't the first time something like this has happened. It happend vs. Louisville and multiple other teams.

 One other thing that Kentucky does that is not well hidden, is that they pay their players. This violates the NCAA rules. This gives them an unfair advantage in the recruiting process. I also don't believe that Kentucky has as much talent as people think. Sure they're a very good team but, they wouldn't be nearly as good as they are without the refs giving them calls and bribing players to play for them.