Saturday, August 15, 2015

Olympic Gold vs. NBA Ring

     Which award is more significant: the Olympic gold medal or the NBA diamond ring? What title is more important: to be an Olympic gold medalist, or an NBA champion? Many NBA players are struggling with this problem. What do you want more? Do you want the international glory that comes with the Olympics and overall years of intersport competition? Or would you prefer basketball's great goal that many strive to achieve in the NBA Finals winner?
      This is, of course, specific to the player, as it is his individual decision. But it seems, at least to me, that the Olympics are becoming less and less attractive to the players, as it would risk injuring them and tiring them down before the season started. The Olympics used to be the ultimate goal, but the NBA championship may be becoming the new crowning glory for basketball players. Personally, I hope that NBA players will continue to see the value in the Olympics and continue tradition.