Tuesday, January 13, 2015

NCAA athletes should not be paid

College Athletes should not be paid by: Ashton Wade
College athletes should not be paid. This is important because they are amatur athletes, not pro. These players receive many other benefits such as rewards for making bowls games and free college admission in most cases. One benefit of leaving the rules as they are is that college players won’t be playing for money, they will be playing for the love of the game. They will also stay more humble in man peoples opinion. One of the cons is that players don’t get to keep the money that they bring into the school. Another is that players won’t get paid for their hard work and determination. 

According to Molly Block if college athletes were paid it create a larger difference between the small and larger colleges.To me this means that large colleges like the University of Texas would be able to buy out the best players. But, this raises the question, how are college athletes supposed to buy new clothes or go out with friends? But, people who believe this are wrong because, all college students are poor and can’t afford to go out with friends and buy nice clothes. Most college student eat ramen and frozen dinners. 

Another example is that according to Horace Mitchell students are not professional athletes and therefore they should not be paid. The author also says that they are working to pay for their education and that is enough benefit. To me this means that they receive enough benefit and don’t need to be paid because, it is an option to play college sports. Those who disagree might say that college athletes bring in a lot of money for their school and therefore they should be paid. However, they have not considered the fact that most college football teams are an expense for most universities and colleges. That means if college athletes were paid many colleges would have to end their football programs, because they would not be able to afford to pay their athletes. 

In addition, Kate Murphy says that playing college football is a privilege. The author states that is players are paid then the love of the game is lost. I would agree with this statement. I think that it would be really cool to play a college sport and I would play to play it, so would many other people, and we would do it just for the love of the game. Some people disagree because, being college athlete could be considered a job. However people who believe that are wrong because, you are not forced to be a college athlete, you get any other minimum wage job like everyone else.

In conclusion, college athletes should not be paid. They are already receiving benefits. They are working to pay for their education. Another reason is that if they are paid the love of the game is lost. These athletes are being given free college to play sports. So I think that you should agree with me, and believe that college athletes should not be paid.