Thursday, June 18, 2015

Is NASCAR rigged?

Many people are already skeptical. One Piece of evidence is that there is often a caution in the last few laps. NASCAR can be rigged because, they own NASCAR. How did Danica get the pole in Daytona in 2013. It would give women a reason to watch the race. Dale Earnhardt jr. won the nationwide race in the throwback scheme. NASCAR is all about the money and sponserships. After every race the winning driver names all of his sponsers, and a big sign goes on the car with whoever the race was sponsered by. Jimmie Johnson is sponsered by lowes and when Charlotte was called Lowes Motorspeedway he was dominant and won multiple races, but when it was changed to Charlotte he has done poorly and only won once. When NASCAR got a big deal with NBC the pepsi 400 had an exciting finish and Jeff Gordon won. Then in 2013 they added one of the most popular drivers, Jeff Gordon into the Chase. I don't really think that NASCAR is rigged for one driver to win most of the time, however, I do believe that they manipulate the finish so that it is exiciting.

What do you think?