Sunday, June 14, 2015

Why the NBA has special rules for Lebron James in the Finals

Everyone knows that LeBron James gets away with travling multiple time per game. He also doesn't get called for fouls when he should, and if anyone touches him its a foul on them. This is all because the NBA wants him to do well. He is the most popular player in the NBA so if he does well people will buy his merchendise and watch him. Most sports leagues are failing due to overpriced tickets and having too many ads on t.v. This makes games expensive to go to and boring to watch. LeBron also didn't have to go through concussion protocal after hitting his head on a camera. This reason for this is that if LeBron is out nobody would watch the game because everyone knows that without Kyrie Iving, Kevin Love, and Lebron the Cavilers are the worst team in the NBA.

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