Saturday, July 25, 2015

Should sprint cup drivers race in the xfinity series

It seems like Kyle Busch enters almost every NASCAR Xfinity race he even broke his leg at the Daytona Xfinity race which cost him to miss most of the races during the season and now he's fighting to make the Chase he wins almost every nationwide race but he can't put it together for the sprint cup. Kevin Harvick also races in the nationwide series as well as a Joey logono and occasionally Dale Earnhardt Junior should just keep going on or should it be like other sports that do not allow the highest athletes to participate in the minor leagues. Many of the Xfinity races are boring because you know Kyle Busch is going to win all of them because he has more money than any of the other teams in the Xfinity series I think it would be better if the Xfinity series banned sprint cup drivers only allowed Xfinity drivers and camping trucks drivers what you guys think?