Monday, July 27, 2015

The Worst (or Best) Floppers in the NBA

Flopping is becoming a big part of today's game (sadly), so like the Oscar nominations, here are the awards for best floppers.
1. LeBron James- has perfected the art of flopping to the extent that there is now "LeBroning".
2. James Harden- he resorts to exaggerating contact when he attacks the rim.
3. Chris Paul-makes up for his size by using a wide variety of flops to make it seem as if he were hit by a bus full of linebackers.
4. Manu Ginobili- has been getting older, but his acting ability still amazes.
5. Dwyane Wade- persuades the refs to give him the call through sheer passion.
Comment on who is the best (or worst, depending on perspective) flopper in the league.