Monday, August 24, 2015

Most Improved Team/ Most Damaged Team

Over the offseason, a lot of players have been shuffled and moved around, either improving teams, and injuring others. These teams have been the most improved and the most damaged.

The most damaged team is, of course, the Portland Trailblazers. The Blazers lost superstar Lamarcus Aldridge and other players such as Wesley Matthews and Nicolas Batum. The Portland Trailblazers did make the Playoffs this year, but I would be very surprised to see them in that same position this year. The only upside for the Blazers is that they extended the now-franchise-player, Damian Lillard's contract.

The most improved team in the NBA this year will be the Los Angeles Clippers. They've resigned the flippity-flop Deandre Jordan, who was planning on going with Mark Cuban and the Mavs and back home to Texas, but then decided to stay in LA, with the Clippers. With Chris Paul and Blake Griffin improving, and adding Paul Pierce and Lance Stephenson, the Clippers will be playing much better this year. You know, they might just make it past the second round of the Playoffs this year, but with the Clippers, there's never a guarantee.