Thursday, August 13, 2015

Top 5 Clutch Performers of All Time

5. Kobe Bryant-Despite his overall clutch stats not being terrific, his sheer desire and competitive drive led him to make this list.

4. Reggie Miller- While having a delightful chat with Spike Lee on the sidelines, Reggie led the Pacers to victory with 25 points of the Playoff game in the fourth quarter.

3. Magic Johnson- With the game in question and late through the fourth quarter, there was never a doubt who would lead the Lakers to victory.

2. Larry Bird- He was famous for telling his defender what was about to happen, and then delivering, just an example of the enormous self-confidence that drove Larry Bird.

1. Michael Jordan-Time and time and time again, MJ showed the world that he was the physical being of "clutch." His legendary shots will haunt Cavs and Jazz fans alike for a long time.