Friday, September 25, 2015

Were the 1998 NBA Finals Rigged?

Looking back at the 1998 Finals the thing that instantly pops into most peoples heads is the infamous "push off". Thats my first argument. Micheal Jordan obviously pushed off of Russell. Russell even challenged Micheal to a game of one-on-one which Micheal never accepted. However, ref don't usally call things in the last 30 seconds.

One other reason is that Micheal Jordan fouled Karl Malone when he got the steal.

If you still don't believe me Howard Eisley made a 3 with time on the shot clock that the refs waived off saying it was after the buzzer. The very next possesion Harper made a 2 after the shot clock that the refs counted.

If you have any other information let us know! Also let us Know if you agree or disagree!