Monday, October 26, 2015

AP or Coaches Poll?

There are many different polls that I have always noticed. But which one is right? And which one should we refer to? Of all the polls there are two main ones that are dominant. The Coaches poll and the AP poll. While the AP poll is used by the NCAA I have often noticed that many people think that many teams get over ranked and under ranked. The coaches poll differs in the fact that the coaches who actually are at the games and can judge more accurately judge the teams from a more immediate point of view. Currently the two polls are very close. But in the past they have had very opposing views on how teams are ranked and rated. For example, before Utah's loss against USC the AP poll had them ranked 3rd while the coaches pull had them at 7th.

So what poll do you think is more reliable? Should we switch to another poll as the official one?

Which NCAA Football Poll is Most Reliable?