Friday, January 1, 2016

SwiftWick sock review

I got the great opportunity to try out the swiftwick Pursuit 7"

I used them for skiing, running and I played a basketball game in them.

Quality 8/10 The quality seemed good, however they just didn't see to go above and beyond. I felt like they should have more padding on the bottom of the feet

Performance 9/10 They are very light and moisture wicking. I liked how they felt in my ski boots. For basketball I liked them, although I feel like they could get a 10 if they added more padding. For running they seemed great

Comfort 9/10 Although they didn't have a great amount of padding I still felt like they were very comfortable and enjoyable to wear around the house, and do all sorts of activities. My feet however did get cold while skiing, although that may have been the boots as they are new boots, they still didn't keep my feet as warm as I thought they would.

Value 8.5/10 They are great, however they are fairly pricey. The 2" socks are a good value at just $12.79 as they are sale right now and the 7" $17.59. If they aren't on sale I would say they only get a 7/10 but, the sale they have right now is great get yourself a pair before the sale ends!