Friday, June 19, 2015

Nike gets billion dollar contract to be the NBA's new jersey provider

The deals takes effect in the 2017-18 season. It will last 8 years. Nike already has control over 96% percent of the basketball industry. This will kind of be a knock-out punch to Adidas, taking over what little part of basketball they control. 90% of NBA players have contracts with Nike. It is also rumoured that Adidas will pull out of basketball completely. Adidas kind of has the attitude of "you can't fire me I quit." Nike has made over $349 million dollars off of LeBron James shoes and clothing in the last year, this means that they will most likely make more money off of LeBron alone than they spent on this deal. I belive that Nike has now monopolized the basketball industry. They have almost done that with football and baseball also. Now they just have to start making gains in the running industry.

What do you think of Nike's new contract with the NBA? 

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