Sunday, November 15, 2015

No Playoffs For the PAC-12?

With losses for all ranked PAC-12 teams this week are they gonna be left out of the college playoffs? No. 7 Stanford fall to Oregon 38-36, No. 10 Utah losses late in 2OT to Arizona 37-30, and No. 19 UCLA losses to Washington St. 31-27. With all of these losses in the PAC-12 it leaves Utah and Stanford 8-2 and UCLA 7-3. With no real playoff worthy games left in Utah's season. Stanford may be the PAC-12's only hope to get them into the college football playoff with their game against No. 4 Notre Dame. But, will that even end up being enough to get them back in it. With all of the playoff teams last year having no more than 1 loss I think that it is safe to say that the hopes for the PAC-12 making it to the playoffs are over. So what do you think is it over for the PAC-12? I think it is, And who is gonna make the playoffs?