Monday, October 26, 2015

Is the University of Utah still a playoff contender?

After the University of Utah lost to USC 42-24, they dropped in the polls to #13 USC still remains unranked. Utah has beaten Michigan, who has blown out every team when they have won, including North Western and BYU. Michigan has only lost to Utah and to Michigan State on that crazy last play (poor punter). Utah has also beaten Utah State who blew out Boise State (however, the Broncos did lose to SDSU), Fresno State, Cal, Arizona State, and blew out Oregon. Will the playoff committee look at the fact that Utah got beat fairly badly by an unranked team or will they just say a loss is a loss? Or will Utah lose again?

What do you guys think? will Utah lose again? or Will Utah make the Playoffs?

What will happen with Utah?