Sunday, July 12, 2015

This is Madness! No this is Offseason

The Kardashians, Albert Einstein's hair, the black/blue gold/white dress, pop  rocks, and now this offseason: all crazy. The off-season has given us excitement and entertainment and it's not even over yet. There have been signing and psychs and moving and the likes.
Lamarcus Aldridge wanted to blaze a new trail as he left the Blazers in Portland for the Spurs in hope of continuing the San Antonio dynasty. In fact the Trailblazers only victory was resigning Damian Lillard, but practically losing most of their key pieces including Lopez and Wesley Matthews.
Dwyane Wade stayed with the Heat while they gained A'mare Stoudamire.
The rookies played in the summer league.
Deandre Jordan decided to leave to go to the Mavs then changed his mind and decided to stay then apologized on twitter and Mark Cuban cried his eyes out and declined that apology.
 Rajon Rondo wanted to be royal and joined the Kings.
Paul Pierce joined his pal Doc Rivers, and flew back home to LA. What's next? Is the world going to end? Is Vladimir Putin going to take over the world? Will they surprise us all and actually reveal that it wasn't computer animation in the movie Jurassic World but actual dinosaurs as I suspect? Will anyone ever go to Mars? No one knows the answers but perhaps one day we will.

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