Sunday, July 12, 2015

JImmer Who?

The NBA is just like the girl you like. You think you like her it's going alright but then she just spits in your face. Thus was the woeful tale of Jimmer Fredette. I will forgive you if you don't recognize the name. I will however, give you a brief refreshment of his career. He was on Sportscenter every night of the 2010-2011 season for his mind-blowing long range almost half-court threes with BYU. He was the highest-scoring player in the NCAA. He, basically single-handedly, got BYU ranked 3rd. Jimmer was rivals with the Spurs' franchise player and Finals MVP winner, Kawhi Leonard. He led BYU to the sweet sixteen and only lost in overtime to the no. 2 seeded Florda Gators. He was the Player of the Year and went in the first round to the Sacramento Kings. After doing mediocre but not terrible he was sent briefly to the Bulls, then to the NOLA Pelicans, which is where he is now. His career, which could have been legendary, just hasn't panned out yet. He has become the Tim Tebow of the NBA; Tebow can't throw and Jimmer can't guard, which has been his achilles heel along with being in the wrong situation.
Jimmer has a few options left with him being a free agent. He could go to New York and play a Steve Kerr type role under Phil Jackson. That would be a smart thing for the Knicks to do because they desperately need a stronger attraction, and Fredette would bring that because of his origin from New York.
Another option is to return to Utah with the Jazz, which would help the Jazz with bringing in ticket sales and jersey sales. It would also help because the Jazz have been searching for a shooter and Jimmer can shoot. The problem there is that the Jazz GM is a defense enthusiast , and probably doesn't like Jimmer.
The last dreary option is the Euroleague where defense is less of a problem, but you know it's the Euroleague, sooooo yeah.