Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ashton Wade's 10 favorite Basketball Players of all time

This list is my personal favorite. This is not by skill! You may not have heard of some of these guys before, but that's kind of why I like them. I am mainly writing this because I want to hear what you guys have to say, so please let me know.

10. Carmelo Anthony: I know I'm going to get crap for this, but I like him I will admit part of it is that I have 2 pair of his shoes but, there is a reason I bought them.
9. Kelly Olynyk: He went to Gonzaga, my favorite college, and led them to their first time being ranked #1 in the nation then he went to my second favorite team the Celtics. He also has sweet hair which would be banned at BYU.
8. Isaiah Thomas: Legendary bad boy, got in fights, yelled, small, always smiling. Who doesn't love that?
T-7. Karl Malone: He played for my favorite team, and he threw some mean elbows. He also helped John Stockon become John Stockton.
T-7 Jeff Hornacek: He helped lead the Jazz to back to back finals. My mom also ran into him at a grocery store.
5. Kristaps Porzingis: He has a cool name, and he go booed on draft night. He is 7'3'' with shoes and can shoot the 3. I love it when a big man can shoot. I also like how he stayed positive on draft night. Also if he is a 10x all-star I have to name one of my kids after him.
4. Bill Laimbeer: The original Bad Boy, he got in a ton of fights. He also got what would have been a ton of flagrent fouls. He was great at drawing charges. He was also a white rich kid who made it into the NBA which doesn't happen very often.
3. John Stockton: At one point he was my favorite player. However, I have heard more and more stories about how rude he is and how he refused to give autographs. However, I did like his play style. He was dirty but, quiet about it. He was good at defense and passing, which is what I am good at.
2. Joe Ingles: He is a slow guy who stands in the corner and shoots 3's on offense, then he actually plays on defense, just like me. He was a 27 year old rookie, who ended up starting quite a few games for the Jazz. He also looks like hes 40.
1. David Stockton: Just like John Stockton but, without the bad stories, plus I got to watch him every year in college.