Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Heres why James Harden got a $200 Million Dollar deal with Adidas and not Nike

Yes, Khloe you called it! Nike will not match Adidas's offer of $200 million. Nike and Jordan brand have almost every athlete on the face of the earth, Micheal Jordan, Kevin Durant, Russel Westbrook, etc. So spending $200 million (a lot of money) on keeping James Harden didn't make sense. I doubt having him would bring in an additional 200 million. However, Adidas lacks stars. They have failed with many bring name athletes including Lebron and MJ. They need a star that can lead them in the right way. Currently all the stars they have is Damion Lillard and John Wall, neither of whom sell very many shoes. So spending a lot of money on James Harden could Pay off. They could gain a few fans with this signing. However, I still think they will be far behind Nike and Jordan.

If you were Nike would you pay $200 million?

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