Saturday, August 29, 2015

Top 5 Current Point Guards

5. Kyrie Irving- Kyrie is quite simply improving, and with LeBron and Kevin Love joining his club, NBA championships are just within his reach. As long as he stays healthy and twist and turn and crossover the other point guards in the NBA, the Cavs will be just fine.

4. John Wall- Though they fell in the Playoffs, the Wizards are coming to the top of the East, under the leadership of John Wall. John Wall has become one of the best point guards in the NBA by leading, passing, scoring, and of course, doing 360s in mid air.

3 Chris Paul- Chris Paul is leading the Clippers again this season in hopes of getting to the Finals, whether it be the NBA Finals or even just the Western Conference Finals. Chris Paul has long been an elite point guard and continues time and time again to deliver amazing performances.

2. Russell Westbrook- He's a beast athletically and as skillful as a ninja. As strong as the Hulk and as quick as a cheetah. Without KD last season, Russel had to take the heavy load for the Thunder, and rack up the triple-doubles. I expect him, if he stays healthy, to eventually get that NBA ring that all of OKC's been dreaming about.

1. Stephen Curry- MVP. Finals winner. 3 points. Crossover. Little Riley. Big game.