Monday, August 31, 2015

Top 5 Current Shooting Guards

5. DeMar DeRozan- One of the great young players that lead the Raptors to a great season, if you ignore the Playoffs, using his athletic ability to wow Canada and USA alike.

4. Dwyane Wade- His legs may be turning to rubber or something weird like that, but when he goes out there you can still see glimpses and at times games of the 2006 vintage D-Wade.

3. Jimmy Butler- One of the standouts from last season he helped the Bulls to get through the Playoffs, even when D-Rose started playing again.

2. Klay Thompson- A way good 3 point shooter, and a reliable splash bro. Just off of winning his championship and with his jumpshot still dripping, Klay gets no. 2 for this list.

1. James Harden- The Beard almost got the MVP, losing to Curry. He almost got to the Finals (OK, got to the Conference Finals at least), once again losing to Curry. With his great crossover and jumpshot and beard, I wouldn't be surprised if he led the Rockets to vanquish Curry to avenge Houston.