Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Next NBA Champion

The Golden State Warriors have the NBA championship currently. But can they regain the title once again next year and earn that coveted repeat?

1. The team with the best chance to gain the title next year is the Cleveland Cavaliers. They made it through most of the Finals without Kevin Love, and had to limp through the Finals without Kyrie Irving. Once they get healthy and their backup players such as Matthew Dellavadova mature and improve, the Cavs will be in great position to take the title for the first time in franchise history.

2. The team with the second best chance at winning it all is the reigning champions in the Golden State Warriors. They have the splash bros, a championship already under their belt and that's all you need to say. Plus, they have the best defense currently in the NBA.

3. The team that has the next best chance to win the title is the Oklahoma City Thunder. Now, I know that I'm not supposed to put a team that wasn't even in the playoffs this year in the second best chance to win the next year's Finals, but they have star power, a new coach, and experience. People may have forgotten about Kevin Durant from his injury, but just to remind people: he was lat year's MVP. They also have Russel Westbrook who was considered for this year's MVP. If you've got two potential MVPs on the same team there's a great chance you'll get a title. That is, unless you have John Stockton and Karl Malone's luck.

4. The Houston Rockets are on their way to a third all-time championship. With flashy James Harden and Dwight Howard this team will have to battle harder than they did this season to get to the Finals. In a Western Conference Finals where Harden at times seemed invisible, the Rockets will need him to step up as well as the role players. If Ty Lawson can get right, the Rocket's chances will be greatly increased. These Rockets need to find their fuel and unleash their championship potential.

5. The Chicago Bulls are going to need to get healthy once and for all for this team to make it far. If their new coach can guide them in the right direction, these Bulls will have a great chance at going far. With the inside game of Pau Gasol, and a finally healthy Derrick Rose, these guys have the potential to win games and even win the whole thing.

6. I was only going to do five but I felt the need to just throw the New Orleans Pelicans into the mix. They have tremendous potential throughout their team. With Eric Gordon and Anthony Davis (perhaps a future MVP) and with Jrue Holiday getting healthy I believe that this team is ready to be champions. Now, I can't guarantee that it will be this next year, but within a few years they can be a real threat. Now all they need is the role players to play to their full potential.