Friday, August 21, 2015

Wilson F.L.I. Golf ball review

 Specs: 2 piece golf ball, cut proof Ionomer cover, High Powered core for max distance.

Price: Cheap only 5.97 per dozen

Off the Tee: 7/10 I actually really like this ball off the tee, I feel like it does give me good distance. However, I do feel like it would not be a good ball if you have a serious hook or slice. I usually drive pretty straight but, when I didn't with this ball it seemed like it curved more than usual. Although I still really like this ball off the tee, I am very comfortable hitting it because it is so cheap.

Fairway/ rough : 4/10 I just don't like hitting this ball with Irons or woods. It doesn't give very much backspin, and it rolls a lot on the green and fairway, so I generally club down on the fairway or rough with this ball.

Around the green: 2/10 It has not feel around the green the ball is like a rock. It is not soft at all and I really struggled with it around the green.

On the Green: 6/10 Its really only average on the green, but nothing to praise here or complain about.

Overall: 5.5/10 I think that it is a great ball for beginners. It is probobly the cheapest golf ball I have seem and it is better than some I have seem, so it is a good ball for the money.

Has anyone else tried this golf ball?