Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Top 5 Current NBA Centers

5. Joakim Noah- One of the most significant keystones of the Chicago franchise, this big man can dominate on both ends of the floor. I remember watching him from his Florida days, and he could ball back then and he's ballin' now. If D-Rose gets back, at least mostly, to where he was in his MVP season, and with the development of Jimmy Butler and Mirotic, the Bulls might be stampeding to win the East. The have to make it through the Heat, Wizards, and especially the Cavs.

4. Dwight Howard- He's so athletic and dominant down low in the post. Dwight has been a monster since a youngster, and even led the Magic to a Finals appearance. However, Dwight hit a few rocky patches a few seasons ago. but things are finally starting to look up for Howard. With the exception of his free-throw percentage, of course.

3. Deandre Jordan- It turns out he's on the Clippers. He will be a defensive beast. He will be a part of a dunking duo with Blake. He will be surprised when he makes a free throw. Everything's pretty much straight forward. Well, almost everything; I'm still not sure if the Clippers can make it to the Western Conf. Finals.

2. Demarcus Cousins- Demarcus Cousins is a great young talent. I'm actually interested to see how the Kings will do this season. I'm expecting Cousins to play extremely well this season, and I actually have him as a dark horse MVP candidate. Let's not get too crazy, though. Sacramento still needs to make it into the Playoffs. 

1. Marc Gasol- He has the experience and the talent. Why not?