Saturday, June 20, 2015

All Blazin' NBA Mock Draft 2015

1. Minnesota Timberwolves:
Karl-Anthony Towns-Kentucky-C/PF
This big man is powerful and full of potential. He and Andrew Wiggins could work to turn the franchise around. Towns will be able to learn from Kevin Garnett.

2. Los Angeles Lakers:
Jahlil Okafor-Duke-C
Although it is possible that he could be switched with the no. 1 pick or even D'Angelo Russel, the Lakers already have Julius Randle who could possible develop a greater outside game. Okafor is a great post scorer and a strong inside game.

3. Philadelphia 76ers:
Justise Winslow-Duke-SF
There is a possibility of the Sixers taking Kristaps Porzingis from Spain or D'Angelo Russel but I think that Justise is the best fit for Philly. He has great athletic ability, and proved that he can score and lead a team in March Madness.

4. New York Knicks:
D'Angelo Russel-Ohio State-SG
D'Angelo has speed and quickness, and is able to score and lead a team. The Knicks could really use the firepower that Russel provides. He could make the jump to the NBA easily because he has no shortage of confidence. He said that he wore the number zero because that's how many people can guard him. I believe he will be a great match with Phil Jackson.

5. Orlando Magic
Kristaps Porzingis-Spain-PF
Although the Magic got Aaron Gordon last draft I think that this Spaniard is full of potential and is can be a great fit for the Magic with Elfrid Payton and Victor Oladipo at the back court.

6.Sacramento Kings
Emmanual Mudiay-China-PG
The Kings are in need of a PG and I believe that this 6'5'' 190 lbs will be able to impact the team immediately. With David Stockton backing him up the Kings have a reason to look to the future.

7. Denver Nuggets
Willey Cauley-Stein-Kentucky-C
This powerful center will be a welcome addition to the Nuggets. He has speed and power and defensive skill. The mile-high city will perhaps go even higher with this Kentucky man.

8. Detroit Pistons
Mario Hezonja-Spain-SG
This guard can be a powerful force with the Pistons and give much needed help to Brandon Jennings. Now all the Pistons need is for Greg Monroe to stay with them and they could possibly get a playoff season.

9.Charlotte Hornets
Devin Booker-Kentucky-SG
The Hornets are desperate for a shooter that I believe that Devin Booker will break the top ten. The Hornets back court duo of Booker and Walker can push the Hornets to the next level.

10.Miami Heat
Frank Kaminski-Wisconsin-PF
The Heat need Frank's shooting touch and his experience. If Miami can keep Dwyane Wade and Luol Deng, and get Chris Bosh healthy, the Heat will be able to be formidable once again.

11.Indiana Pacers
Cameron Payne-Murray State-PG
The Pacers can use this pick that has maturity and a great basketball IQ.

12. Utah Jazz
Myles Turner-Texas-PF/C
This big man can be impactful in Utah and join Derrick Favors and Rudy Gobert for a defensive front court and provide a youthful force for the Jazz to ride. Myles Turner also has a great shoting touch and range that can help clear space for the Jazz. If you haven't seen this guy look at his mixtape on youtube.