Friday, August 7, 2015

Josh Orton's 10 Favorite Basketball Players

This is not based on skill, and is purely opinion.

10. Joe Ingles- Although I'm not usually thrilled with foreign players, I have managed to enjoy Joe Ingles making his Utah Jazz and NBA debut last season.
9. Michael Jordan- He is perhaps the best player to ever walk this Earth. G.S.G.E (Greatest Shoe Game Ever)
8. Hakeem Olajuwon- He is the NBA record leader in blocks and led the Houston Rockets to two consecutive championships.
7. James Harden- If Steph Curry didn't exist, he would be the reigning NBA Kia MVP. He has a nasty crossover and great facial hair.
6. Karl Malone- He is the second leading scorer in NBA history and helped the Utah Jazz make it to the Playoffs for many consecutive years.
5. John Stockton- He is the all time leader in assists and steals. He and Karl Malone ran the pick and roll like none we've ever seen.
4. Jimmer Fredette- He had a great college career and could pull up from just about any where. Unfortunately, his professional career has not been nearly as fruitful. He is currently fighting for the final spot on the Spurs' roster.
3. Damian Lillard- He is basically the only one on the Portland Trailblazers worth mentioning. He is one of the greatest rising stars in today's game.
2. Tracy McGrady- Although his career dwindled as it went on, he was great in his days of Orlando Magic and the Houston Rockets. He scored 13 points in just over 30 seconds to beat the spurs.
1. Dwyane Wade- He led the Miami Heat to the 2006 NBA Championship and got two more with help from LeBron. He is my all time favorite player.