Sunday, September 13, 2015

Top 5 Current Small Forwards

5. Trevor Ariza- Ariza was a key part to the Rockets run to the Western Conference Finals. If he stays healthy, we could see him be a big part for a potential Houston western champs and possibly even NBA champs.
4. Carmelo Anthony- Carmelo has had little New York team success but he still makes this list due to his sheer skill. He's a great player and scorer when he's uninjured and reminds you of when he was up there for the best with LeBron.
3. Kawhi Leonard- This defensive specialist is becoming an overall good player. Kawhi is the new franchise player and with LaMarcus as his new buddy, this duo could take the Spurs far. If Kawhi continues to improve his offense, I can honestly see him as a future NBA MVP.
2. Kevin Durant- The Durantula was injured for a good portion of the season; long enough for many to forget his greatness. However, I'm expecting KD to have a big return to star form and to lead OKC (with Westbrook of course) to a successful season.
1. LeBron James- Not only is LBJ the best current small forward, but quite possibly the best sf of all time. Everyone knows what he can do, but no one knows how to stop it. You know what? He might not ever be stopped.

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