Monday, October 5, 2015

College Football Playoff Predictions

These are the teams that I think will make the 2nd historical college football playoffs.

Michigan State- If they can stay consistent and not let teams like Purdue scare them, the Spartans should be able to make the playoffs.

Baylor- This team hasn't played very difficult teams as of yet, however, they are crushing the teams they do play, which leads me to believe that they will be able to charge their way into the playoffs.

LSU- This is a team that I'm kind of 50/50 about. Either they are going to steamroll their way into the playoffs and dominate every team that they come in contact with, having Leonard Fournette leading the team, or they are going to lose to a no name team and be forgotten as a missed opportunity.

Utah- Utah wasn't in the early discussions for playoff chances much, but they are now. If they continue to play the way they're going, especially with that win over Oregon, the Utes will be runnin' right into the playoffs.

You might notice the lack of the top two teams: TCU and Ohio State. I just don't have as much confidence in them as the AP polls. They might prove me wrong, but I don't think that they will live up to the expectations.