Friday, October 16, 2015

Top of the world caps review.

We will be reviewing the hats we got from TOW Caps today we got the prime fitted BYU and one fit memory foam Gonzaga.
Quality: 8 This is kind of an average of the two hats the Gonzaga one probably gets a 7 and the BYU one gets 9. The Gonzaga logo looks a little messed up, and just doesn't seem as well made as the BYU one, however I do somewhat understand because their logo is more complicated and they are a much smaller school. The BYU hat has great quality and is very well made.
Comfort: 9again this is an average the Gonzaga one was a 8it says its a one fit however it does feel just a little tight, however its not horrible, and it might get better as I wear it more. The BYU hat is a 9.5 it is very comfortable it is a 7 1/2 and feel perfect. It does feel just a little loose but not bad at all.
Customer service: 7 The lady that helped me seemed very nice however, I did ask for the prime fitted in both hats, I got an e-mail that said they didn't have one of them in stock and so they were sending a different hat. I wasn't too angry about this but it would have been nice if they had asked if I had a second choice, or if they had sent me another flat billed Gonzaga hat. 
Overall: 8 The BYU one was very nice however, that hat is Joshes (the other writer on this site). The Gonzaga one wasn't bad it just wasn't as nice as the BYU and because it is a curved bill I don't think I will wear it as much but overall these hats are just as good as New Era and they are more comfortable and much cheaper.