Monday, October 5, 2015

Top 5 Current Power Forwards

5. Serge Ibaka- Serge Ibaka makes this list purely through defensive ability. The Thunder need him to step up if they are going to thrive this season. Of course his amazing defense is going to be there, but so to does his scoring and off the ball ability.

4. Kevin Love- Yes, Kevin Love did get injured for much of the Playoffs, and at times struggled with the new teammates in Cleveland. However, he was still an elite player. We mustn't forget how good of a shooter and rebounder and overall player Kevin Love is. Once Kyrie and LeBron start to flow with Kevin, there isn't a team in the East that will be able to stop the Cavs, and even the West might be scared to play these guys.

3. Lamarcus Aldridge- this guy is a great jump shooter, and was the face of the Portland franchise for a while. Now, however, the future looks bright with the big guy in a Spurs uniform. Although, we didn't see much dominance from LA in the playoffs, I expect that Aldridge will redeem himself and slay in San Antonio.

2. Paul Millsap- He led the Hawks to one of their best regular seasons in the history of the franchise. His overall ability is amazing and he just continues to improve and improve. He gives great effort, and has tremendous athletic ability, and prestigious skill, to make Paul the ultimate jack of all trades.

1. Blake Griffin- One of the most athletic people the world and NBA has ever seen. He has elevated himself from just being a spectacular dunker that jumps over cars. He has added many elements to his game that make him a top player. He can actually shoot decently, his passing has improved, and he continues to make great commercials. All joking aside, though, will Blake's improving skills lead the Clippers to break the curse and advance to the Finals, or will the curse prevail, and land the Clippers in a familiar spot? Only time will tell.