Sunday, November 22, 2015

Jeff Gordon comes up short as Kyle Busch wins the 2015 NASCAR championship

Before I started watching NASCAR there were only two drivers who I knew the first was Dale Earnhardt, who I only knew because, of a #3 flag at a Texas Roadhouse, and Jeff Gordon. He truly caused many people to watch NASCAR. Jeff Gordon helped break the sterotype that NASCAR is just for rednecks (although many people still believe it is). He has always been my second favorite driver right behind Jimmie Johnson, until this year I wanted him to win his 5th championship more than I wanted Jimme to win a record tying 7th championship.

Jeff just didn't have the speed today. Early on it looked like he could compete, but later he couldn't get any higher than 9th. In the end he finished 6th. It was very unfortunate for many fans not to be able to see him win. I am not a Kyle Busch fan at all in fact he is one of my least favorite drivers, but I do have to say he worked his butt off to be where he ended up. 

Btw: If anyone cares 3 time-champ Tony Stewart is also retiring.
Do you wish Jeff had won? Do you think Kyle deserved it? let us know!